Challenge #44: The Penultimate Challenge

So did anyone else but me think the word "penultimate" meant something like "super-ultimate?"  OK, maybe it was just me.  Anyway, I was kind of disappointed to discover it just means "next to last."

Today's next-to-last 10X challenge:  Think back on a recent tough accomplishment.  Best if it's something you could  have wimped out on but didn't.  Can you get back into that headspace when you were deciding to go for it?  When you faced up to fears/laziness/doubts and sucked it up and pushed on through?

Can you then remember how glad you felt that didn't back down?

"Accomplishments" don't have to be big in the eyes of the world to be hugely important.  It could be a decision to work out when you didn't feel like it, or a tough conversation you had with your teenager. What's motivational "gold" is building up a sense of self-efficacy; accumulating evidence that when you put your mind to things, you can meet difficult challenges and not let obstacles get in your way. 

High-achievers do this stuff naturally.  Some of the rest of us have to be more deliberate about it; otherwise we tend to conclude that good things happen to us mostly by chance and not because WE have the power to make ourselves happy.

Your reward: a little something to play with just in case you haven't gotten enough snow yet.

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