Challenge #45: Saying Goodbye

This last challenge is about "goodbyes," because the subject is on my mind today.  Not only is it time to sign off at the 10X club, but I'm also closing down my health blog, Cranky Fitness.  

Goodbyes are often hard-- but sometimes they're necessary in order to move forward! 

So today's challenge:  see if you can think of something in your life you might be ready to start saying goodbye to.  It could be a deteriorating relationship, an uncomfortable living situation, a self-defeating way of thinking, a compulsive behavior, or even some once-loved  but worn out clothes taking up valuable storage space.   Just take a few moments to think through whether you might be ready to make some changes, and if are, you might want to pick a time frame and do some planning.

And your reward is here.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by here over the last couple months, and I wish you good health and happiness going forward!


Crabby McSlacker


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