The Girls!

I happen to be a well endowed woman. The smallest my breasts have ever been is a C cup and I find that my breasts grow and shrink depending on my weight. Some may think having large "girls" is a nice side effect of weight gain but I have to tell you - not really. 

The larger the girls, the more difficult it is to keep them in check. Of course all women should wear supportive sports bras but when you are a D cup or larger things really need to be supported. I am constantly in search for great sports bras. Last year I found a wonderful bra by Lilyette and purchased two. I alternate wearing them when I exercise and the support is wonderful. However, since I've lost 29 pounds now, my bras are not supporting my "girls" the way they used to. And of course, my favorite bra has been discontinued so I had to search for a new bra. 

I am happy to report that yesterday I found a new bra made by Wacoal. The girls are well supported and I don't have a uniboob. I've run in place and there has been minimum bounce, I am so happy with this bra. The downside is the price - my bra retails for $62.00 and since I workout consistently I need another one. 

I am searching the internet for deals and I think my next purchase will be the Enell bra. It has received rave reviews and I look forward to adding it to my bra collection. 

Do you have any recommendations for supporting the "girls"? 


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