Introduce Yourself & Tell Your Adoption Story

While the adoption group/forum here on BlogHer has been around awhile, we haven't had an official, "Welcome to the group! Introduce yourself and tell your adoption story here!" type of post. And so, let me say:

Welcome to the Adoption group & forum here on BlogHer. Please feel free to introduce yourself and share your adoption story, connection or desires with the rest of us!

To get things moving, I'll tell you a little bit about myself and what I'm doing here!

I'm Jenna. I'm a birth mother to the most amazing (right?) little girl on the planet. We have a fully open adoption. I have chronicled our journey for years at The Chronicles of Munchkin Land. While I am a birth mother, it is not the title that I use to define my very existence. I wear many other hats, just like the rest of you. I'm also a wife, mother (to two amazing little boys), freelance writer, newspaper photographer and bookworm. (Among other things.)

I've been writing about adoption at Chronicles since 2006 and have also been working as a writer and assistant editor for since October of the same year. (Though I've been blogging in some form or fashion since 2001!) I've shared a few things here on BlogHer that were about adoption as well.

I've been asked to kind of "kick start" this group. A large number of BlogHer members are interested in topics surrounding adoption, whether as people already involved or as interested parties. Some people aren't even interested in adoption but have valid questions that pertain to societal beliefs. And this is a great place to discuss all of those things.

And so, please, take a moment to tell introduce yourself and let us know a little about your story. If you have a blog (even if it's not about adoption, like my other more "everyday family" blog, Stop , Drop & Blog), please link it! We'll have a "let's discuss heavy topics" post (or twelve) coming up very soon.

Jump right in.


@FireMom from Stop, Drop and Blog and The Chronicles of Munchkin Land


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