The Blended Family Thanksgiving

Yesterday, I was reading Lisen's post about her mother's Thanksgiving and trying to remember what my mother's Thanksgiving was like.

(In the last 30 years, I've probably spent less than five years with her for the holiday.)

Scrolling back through my memory I got stuck on how Thanksgiving changed when TW and I and all of our kids blended together.

The first Thanksgiving dinner together, in 2002, was a huge mishmash of the dishes my children were used to and the dishes TW's children were used to. I think everyone's preferred recipes were cooked. Ugh, that was a lot of food - and even more clean up.

As the years passed, Thanksgiving become less of a production. First my big kids would go off to spend the holiday with their dad or their grandparents. Then, several years later, the little kids were off with their dad celebrating Thanksgiving while my big kids were home. It was rare for all of us to be together.

But, the Thanksgiving meal had evolved into a combination of both family dishes. We lean toward my more basic stuffing and cornbread my children require has been added to the menu. We tossed out the fruit salad my kids were used to and adopted the red hot JELL-O and "Witchy Poo Cake" from TW's side has been known to completely replace pie.

How have your holiday dinners changed since the blending of your families?

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