OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG: Room of Your Own: Gadgets for Blogging

Session Description: So you want to stay ahead of the curve in the latest tech gadgets? In this session, you’ll learn about the newest developments in vlogging, blogging, liveblogging, uploading photos, taking photos, going wireless and using mobile technologies. Get the scoop from Beth Blecherman from TechMamas, Eliane Fiolet, the writer behind Ubergizmo, Gina Hughes, who blogs at Techie Diva and Ponzi Pirillo, who blogs at Ponzarelli and hosts Gnomedex. These four women are driven by staying in-the-know about the latest in social media technology and gadgetry.


My name is Beth - welcome to the session gadgets for blogging. We are a team thats started a blog. Gadget Spin

Elaine founder of ubergizmo - been blogging since 2004

Gina Hughes - Techie Diva started in 2005. used to blog for Yahoo tech.

Ponzi - Ponzarelli - produce gnomedox

Beth: We are going to talk about different categories and then open it up.

#gadgetspin for hashtag

There is a power point presentation which I will ask for to post later.

Ponzi- Overview timeline - text only, then text and pictures then text pictures and graphic editing then text video, etc

Livestreaming, vlogging.

Beth - Moblogging could be twitter, wordpress. We have a range of smartphones - Tmobile Android phone.

Audience: love it (google)

Beth : Linux based operating systems.

Beth How many people have smartphones?

2 people have regular cell phones, the rest have smart phones!

Elaine: I use Blackberry to liveblog during confernece because the wifi doesnt work sometimes.

Beth: Asked a vendor at a conference: Tell me in a 140 characters about your booth to an exhibitor

Beth: Any computer you can do basic blogging.

Elaine: Need powerful desktop for video. New GPU you can compress 4 x faster than before. Price Rang over $1,000 and up.
You need 6GB Ram, you can go up to 24GB
For some people they like to use the mac (Final cut pro) PC you can use (Premiere).
One of the key features is to look at hard drive speed. 10,000 rpm is a fast hard drive.

Ponzi: Do you edit video?Did you look at specs at computers before you bought?

Elaine - If you want to a lot of editing in your video, you want to add special effects, you need a more powerful computer.

Beth: To do vlogging, you need to upload to a platform which you can embed in your blog.

Audience: Wordpress plugin - I can put ID from Youtube, Vimeo, etc

Elaine:: Laptops - a lot of people use the Macbook -Macbook pro is great. We did testing and usually PC takes a lot more juice than the mac with video editing.

Ponzi - worst thing when you see a computer online and you want to feel and touch, it's frustrating when the store doesn't have it.

Gina: Netbooks are cute but not powerful. I can't work on this 10 inch screen - not meant to replace your desktop/notebook. It's supposed to be an addition. A few people have netbooks (eight) in the room.

Gina: Some are not full keyboard - some are 92% - the dell is tiny - you have to watch for screen and key size. I prefer HP Mini. very comfortable keys.

Beth: Netbooks are made for mobile computing.

Ponzi - they do have webcamsPricepoint is $300-700

Beth: Vivian Tan designed netbook.

Elaine: Sony - small notebook ($1,000) Sony Vaio P - kind of a netbook with price of a laptop I love this shape

Beth: Dell has a bunch of different designers that you can choose.

Gina: HP DV2 - sort of in between netbook and laptop. Bigger screen and lighter.

Beth: They are all in a thin, light category.

Ponzi - How important is thin and light?

Beth: My workhorse at home is a bigger notebook. How many people have a desktop replacement (A lot of hands go up)
I do everything blogging, video editing, on my notebook.
The bigger notebooks are going to be heavier, keep them at home. Great workhorses. HP Pavilion has lasted me for years.

Wireless Gadgets:

How many people have 3G cards. (not down here - audience!)
My cabbie had a netbook, 3G phone, etc. My cabbie started looking up techiediva while he was driving. We were livestreaming (techiediva) and she called the other women telling them she saw them in the cab.

3G USB modem

Beth: 2 types of USB broadband. You have to sign up for the service, but you have mobile access wherever you go.

Elaine: I only use it when I need it day by day. Verizon just started it.

Beth: Does anyone Tether -

Audience: I have the blackberry, go to dial up modem and it will right there.

Audience: Iphone has a tethering but ATT hasn't figured it out yet.

Beth: Having some type of wireless gadget will always enable to be online.

Audience: EyeFi - have issues with it.

Elaine: I can introduce you to the guy.

Beth: EyeFi It's a flash disk where you store photos. Has software, you log online. The pictures will load wireless to your computer or flickr.

Beth: Takes a long time to load if you do it manually.

Audience: also a program called downloads your photos on your phone to an album.

Digital Cameras:

Beth: Depends for blogging which size camera you want to carry with you. Good old point and shoot. Different sizes, colors. Blogging standpoint - depends on what features you want. Save money by getting older versions.

Audience: using fujifilm, likes it better - picture quality is better for her than what is out now.

Audience: Cameras are getting so advanced - for people who don't know what there doing there are a lot of settings to learn. A lot are not ready out of the box.
I want to see the picture before I waste time downloading it.

Elaine: Webenabled Sony DSC-G3 - has a basic web browser, wifi - upload directly to the web. It came out in April. It's expensive - about $500 maybe more.
The problem with any Sony devices, it's proprietary so you have to use their products. (Memory stick).


Elaine: Canon, Nikkon are the top brands. Same quality. If you dont want to spend too much money, you need to go to the entry level DSLR. If you want to spend the money, you can go to the top of the line.

Audience: Is it worth it?

Elaine: You get the entry level DSLR - if you always post to the web. You don't need the top of the line.

Audience: A lot of point and shoot - there is a delay and you miss a lot of the action - that doesn't happen with the DSLR.

Beth: I couldn't catch the models at a fashion show because of the delay. With the DLSR a lot easier. Beth is demonstrating how fast it is. It's automatic.

Audience1 ( is a great place to learn. The most important thing is how shutter speed is relating to the lense you are using to the ISO.

Audience2: Amateur photographer - do I need a macro lense?

Audience1: Yes.
FYI - Get a lower end camera, higher end lens.

Beth: Shutter Sisters is an amazing organization of female photographers.

Audience: Where should I buy?

CoolPhotoIdeas: BnH Photo, be careful of some places online because they might try to sell you a package you don' need.

Beth: I was taking pictures of this Navy Plane with Robert Scoble and he had a large lens and captured things in detail that I couldn't with my camera.

Elaine: I take pictures of Gadgets all the time. Im not a photographer, but I can tell the difference between a point-shoot and DSLR for small items.

Audience: I'm not a great photographer - looked around on Craigslist. She bought her friend's camera that wasn't on the market for cheap (DSLR). If you don't want to spend a lot of money there are ways to find a cheaper one. You don't need to spend $1,000 off the bat.

Audience: There are Flickr photo meetups where people will teach you what you need to know.


Ponzi - love the flip, I can put it in my pocket. plug it in, the software comes up.

You can get the HD Vado, same concept, but with HD.

HD - constantly recharging

Ponzi - I'm a scuba diver and found a camcorder
Panasonic SWRs20 - you have to download software, etc, but she used it underwater.

Audience: Any of you doing videos on your blogs. Do people watch them and respond.

Ponzi: I would love to watch you be passionate about what you do.

Gina: You can listen to it and do other things

Audience: Shows off the personality, much more conversational.

Gina: Flips are great to use - small.

Beth: You have a lot of interesting information about taking pictures. It would be great to share.

Gina: Other problem with video - you have to get efficient with editing the video. Making it compact is the hardest part.

Audience; I have the Sony Webbie and Flip Mino - shortfall is the editing - your volume is going to be a lot louder than the person. You have to cut the audio and pump up their volume.

Gina: The problem with the flips, etc - you need a microphone. FS20 Canon about $250 is small and has a microphone input. It's light and compact. You can conduct interviews, etc. Problem with the flips you have to be in their face to catch the audio.

Beth: If you are just capturing a family event, the flip is great for that.

Gina: Kodak - good thing it has a memory card and if you run out of space, you can put another card. bad thing it runs on batteries.

Beth: The people who make the camcorders assumed the people who buy the cheaper camcorders don't care about the audio. The $1,000 camcorders has the audio.

Gina: .tod files from JVC has to be converted to use the editing on the mac.
Ive been taking a lot of video editing, etc. There is certain ways you want to capture video. You want it to be stable. You dont always want your camera on the tripod. You have to hold the camera close to your body. Lots of little tricks out there to create better video.


Audience: its great for kids and you want it to be easy. My kids have websites that they made on the mac. It's all in there, easy to edit. They go back and forth.

Gina: I would recommend Final Cut Express - or Premiere.

Ponzi: Streaming live is a whole different animal. You have to have a really good webcam and your computer has to be video capable as well. I stream from home. I like the Logitech - one for mac and pc - Carl Zeiss Optics. You can change the type of video. About $120.

Audience: Better than using your mac.

Elaine: Better quality.

Audience: Twitcam is available. Pretty good quality. It will automatically update your twitter status. Great with the new Iphone 3GS

Beth: Eyefi supposedly works with video too. not for livestreaming

Ponzi: Question on Iphone3G how long does battery last.

Audience: Haven't streamed for more than 10 minutes. It lasts about 8 hours.

Gina: is really good.

Beth: It's a learning curve. There is a little time to make it all work. We livestreamed last night using the Quickcam Orbit.

Gina: With you can switch between cameras. To run ads of your sponsors, it costs a lot more. If you let them run their ads, it's free.

Beth: Depending on where you put up video, they will be putting ads up.

Audience: Can you go for hours

Beth: When you pick a plan you have to know how much storage you want.

Gina: HP mini is a verizon notebook and has a 3G card. Higher plan and you can do livestreaming from this but the webcam, I'm not happy with it. Use your plug-in camera to do livestreaming.