OFFICIAL LIVEBLOG: Identity/Passions: The Transformational Power of Blogging

Session Description: Your blogs are instigating change In Real Life, from changing how you make a living to changing your own self-perception. This session will inspire with stories of true transformation, but this session will also instigate transformation! Moderator Ponzi Pirillo goes deep into her career's online transformation, Kelly Russell-Donner shares how her blog gave her a voice and shed light on her insecurities, Kate from Sweet|Salty gets frank about how her blog helped her work through and grieve her infant son's death, and Daniela Capistrano
discusses her work documenting the post-queer movement, and how blogging about this movement has transformed her own heart. What do you say on your blog that you wish you could say In Real Life? Well, there will never be a better time to stand up and say it…we are dying to hear what it is!

Coming Soon!

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