Tip of the Day - that little star

Have you noticed that little star, right next to post titles or group titles or Chatter content?

That little star indicates favorites.

If what you're reading is something you love or want to save or want other people to know about, click the little star icon and a box will open that allows you to add tags to your favorite listing.

If you are favoriting a post about cancer survivors, you might add a tag marked "cancer" and another called "survivors". You might also want to use the author's name as a tag. Any word that will help you track it down again from your favorites list or any word that you think will help others find it when they search favorites.

You can keep your favorites a secret by clicking the box next to keep private.

To find BlogHer Favorites - click My BlogHer, click Favorites.

You can sort the list to show just your favorites, the favorites of the folks you follow or are friends with, or everyone on BlogHer.

Try favoriting a post and come back and ask questions!



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