Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation

I get a lot of pitches in my inbox, mostly for books and to be frank, I get a lot of BAD pitches. Lots of stuff aimed at moms (which is great if you are a mom however I am not). Lots of things that just plain are not appropriate for my blog, despite the publicist trying very hard to tell me that they are. I very rarely accept the items that are pitched to me.

But every now and then I get a gem of a pitch. These probably make up about 1% of the pitches I get (which really, as I gaze at my TBR list is probably a good thing). The pitch for Flow: The Cultural History of Menstruation was one of those. It was funny and appropriate for my blog. They told me how to find more information on the book. They didn't tell me that it was appropriate for my blog, they just asked me if I was interested.

I was. I have a pretty avid interest in women's history, especially social history. Ok, fine I find history in general pretty interesting. But here was a book all about that unmentionable of unmentionables - menstruation. I thought that was just completely awesome.

When the book arrived I was thrilled. I've gotten a few books in the past that sounded really promising but the end result was a bit lacking. Flow had a fantastic cover and it just doesn't look good, it feels good. The cover is smooth and soft and it makes you want to run your hand over it. And the pages are thick (though they did give me a lovely paper cut one night, turn pages with caution). Lots of colour. Well laid-out. And dotted through the whole book are ads for "feminine hygiene products." I swear you will look at some of them if not most of them, and just shake your head in wonder at the people who market these products to us. 

Redbook has already declared it "one to snub" in their November issue. Because who wants to read a book about that? Wouldn't you rather spend your cash on a couple of pints of Ben & Jerry's? No? Well, me neither.

I'm only about half way through it, chapter five I think. I got distracted when I went away for the weekend. So far I have to say that it's darned interesting. I think Flow is going to be making its way into a few Christmas presents this year.

Check out the website. Request it from your library. Add it to your TBR list. Because it's about time for menstruation to stop being a taboo subject don't you think?

Review copy provided by St Martin's Press


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