My Jane Eyre Confession

After two of you lovely ladies mentioned it specifically in the last week, coupled with the fact that I don't have any library books checked out (I know! It's very odd!), I finally picked The Eyre Affair off the shelf where it's been languishing since oh, at least 2006.

I just finished it and I completely and totally understand why you all love it so much. But I feel I need to confess something and I'm not sure I could confess it anywhere *but* here.

I hate the ending of Jane Eyre. I only read it for the first time a few years ago. Indeed, the only reason I really read it was because I wanted to read Fforde and figured I should probably read Jane Eyre first. I had never read it as a teen and I thought it might help. (It did.)

I bought a tattered old secondhand Penguin edition at a book sale. You know the type, the kind with the orange spine and a demure portrait on the cover. I had no idea when I bought it that as soon as I would start to read it the binding would fall apart. Completely fall apart. Beyond repair fall apart. So each time I turned a page it would fall out of the book. I gave up trying to keep the pages together and as I finished each page I'd toss it to the floor and pick up the next one. It really did eliminate the need for a bookmark. (I'd never advocate purposely destroying a book...but I must say it was quite a satisfying way to read.)

I didn't love Jane. Nor did I become smitten with Mr. Rochester. I understood why so many people did though.

But I hated the ending to the novel. Loathed. Swore when I finished it. Yet when I finished the book and picked up all the pages I still felt the need to go out and buy a more permanent copy. So I did, although I'm still not exactly sure why I needed to have it. Maybe I'm hoping I'll like it more on a reread.

Yep, I wasn't very fond of Jane. I kinda of laugh at the thought of Mr. Rochester as a romantic hero. And I hated the ending.

That is my Jane Eyre confession. Now someone please tell me you feel the same way.


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