*Sigh*  Here we go again..

A federal election appears to be inevitable, as Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe and his party launch an ad campaign that claims there's little difference between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.

Last week, Ignatieff said the Liberals will try to trigger the defeat of Harper's minority Conservative government at the earliest possible date this fall. Harper would need the support of either the Bloc or the (New) Democratic Party to stay in power. So far, the NDP has been coy on its intentions.

Meanwhile,  Democracy Watch spokesman Duff Conacher has accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper of violating his own legislation by calling the 2008 election before he had served four years in office. Stephen Harper had promised in his 2006 Tory campaign that his government will establish legislation for a vixed vote every 4 years.  The Federal Court of Canada has agreed to hear arguments Tuesday about the legality of the election call last fall by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. "We believe that the prime minister should be found accountable because he introduced changes to the law, said they fixed election dates, and then for false reasons called a snap election in violation of those measures," said Conacher.

I'm not really sure what Conacher hopes to accomplish.  It's not like he can turn back time.  Impeach Harper perhaps?  With an election call on everybody's horizon, suing the Federal Government when an election may be taking place would be a huge expense. Still, gotta love democracy in Canada, where we can send a separtist party to sit in the Federal Government House of Commons, and watch the NDP, Liberals and Conservaties try to court the electoral vote (and each other!)

Only in Canada!


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