How do you get more readers?

If you write, you need readers in order to grow. Readers provide tips on what's working and what's not, they encourage you when you put out that one good sentence and they validate the time you spent on the creative process. If you blog, it's easy to tell if anyone is reading your words or not. Sometimes painfully easy when it's not as many readers as you'd like.

With so many blogs, newsfeeds and other distractions out there clamoring for your readers' attention, great writing is not always enough to get you noticed. You have to have great writing to keep readers at your blog once they discover it, but you also have to give them the chance to find you. In other words, you need exposure.

How do you get exposure?

  • Submit your *best* posts to BlogHer Voice of the Week.
  • Submit your *best* posts to BlogHer for possible syndication (I recommend reading the BlogHer home page for a few weeks first to get a feel for what we seek). You can reach us at
  • Join StumbleUpon and Kirtsy and start tagging your own posts, as well as the great writing you see on other blogs. (It doesn't work if you only do your own stuff.) Here's a helpful tutorial from BlogHer's Melanie on using StumbleUpon
  • Smart comments on other people's blogs still work. Commenting has trended down in the past few years, but it's still a great way to get noticed. Make sure when you comment you use the same writing style that you use on your blog.
  • If you post on BlogHer, you can send your work to Facebook or Twitter or e-mail or stumble it right from your post. 
  • On Facebook, join Networked Blogs and invite your friends to follow your blog. Make sure you are pushing your blog's feed to your wall.
  • Tweet your posts when you are proud of them.
  • Write frequently. If your readers know they can expect to hear from you daily, they'll return more often. If you're only going to post on Wednesdays, tell them so they know when to return.

Low readership doesn't mean bad writing. Often, it just means you need to stand at the corner and direct people in to your world.


Rita Arens writes at Surrender Dorothy and BlogHer and is the editor of Sleep is for the Weak. She is BlogHer's assignment and syndication editor.


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