Obama win's the Nobel Peace Prize!

I was just curious what folks thought about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. Obviously there's a lot of controversy because he's kind of an untraditional recipient - usually folks are awarded the peace prize for specific, direct actions and outcomes.  But I think there could be an argument that his accomplishment is becoming the first black american to be president of the united states (also not an easy task).

When I was in the middle east this summer, it was the first time that when folks saw Americans walking down the street they would yell positive things about our president. And just so much genuine excitement.  Certainly, I think folks around the world are waiting and seeing, but it's like the US has a clean slate and a chance to do some better in the world.  And i think that has a lot to do with his presidency.

I was talking with a friend and she pointed out that she felt like the award had at least a little to with the fact that Obama is incredibly "trendy" these days.  And that he's won because he's almost a celebrity figure, not just a politician.  And she may be right, but it also occurs to me that his "trendiness" is another one of his great accomplishments.  For too long marginalized communities and race relations in the states is a topic that has been deemed "too serious" for casual conversation and "too controversial" for popular discussion.  I think that Obama's campaign and election has really changed that.

I dunno... not totally complete with my thoughts, but was curious what other folks thought.

-- Jess (http://guhster.weebly.com)

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