Do You Censor Yourself On the Web For Family Reasons?

I need to tell you a secret. I hit a wall, so I hit my wall. My Facebook wall, that is. I needed to come up with a topic to post here, and I came up empty. It's been a hard week. So after 2 days of wringing my hands and my own synapses, I turned to my online community over there on the Facebook.

Here is what I posted on my wall:

And my question was not left unanswered. In fact, in less than 2 hours my community of online and real-life friends spoke-up! I had been trying to think outside of my own little sphere in coming up with posts for this forum, but as hard as one tries... there is nothing like actually reaching.

The question I decided to focus on was brought up by Kathy of The Junk Drawer (who I met at BlogHer '09!)... She wrote:

OK. I'll bite. I'm not a parent. But I'm a child. My dad is 84 years old and reads my blog. I worry about this. It makes me censor myself. Just today, my coworkers made fun of me because the post I want to put up later contains the word genitals and I was going to censor it out for my dad's sake. One coworker said "Why? He *has* genitals."

So the topic would be "Do you censor yourself on the web (Facebook, blog, etc) for family reasons? If you don't, should you?"

Why reinvent the wheel, you know? Kathy asked an excellent question, what say YOU?

Jenny Ingram writes at Jenny On The Spot and wears glitter everyday. She also digresses over there on the Twitter @jennyonthespot.


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