The driving rules (because life goes on)

We've had many close calls, scares, and a tragic ending involving cars and our family.  My sister's precious son was lost after a tragic, tragic car accident one snowy evening in New England. 


As a consequence, I am even more vigilant and CRAZY when cars and my teenage girls (and their friends)  are involved. 


However, in my own dear sister's words, life DOES go on.  The sun comes up, people go to work, meals need made and children need nurtured.   We survive our shocking realities and soldier forward. 


Bitchy was just seventeen when we lost her dear cousin.  They were the same age, and it took me some time to feel comfortable sending her off at night in the car - on her on.     As a result of many sleepless nights, we came up with a plan. 


Whenever she went to a friend's house (which is simply PART of a teenage girls life) I always had her do two things. 


1.  She had to call me when she arrived at her destination.

2.  She had to take a picture on her phone of where she was and send it to me on MY phone.

3.  She had to hand the parents at said house the keys to her (and when I say her I really mean MY) car. 

4.  Said parent had to call me from their land line to tell me the keys were in hand. 


These simple rules (rituals) helped us make baby steps toward recovery.    And now that Sassy is doing the same thing (without questioning why) we are all sleeping a tad bit better at night. 


Even if it is with a still-aching heart. 





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