How do you manage your inboxES?

I'm strugglin'. I have my personal email account, my "online" email account, my Facebook inbox, and then there's the Twitter... I do my best to answer right away, but there is not always time to answer as an inquiry demands.

Or chit-chatty emails. Ugh. I want to communicate I care, but if I send an email, then I get one back, and that DOES NOT HELP ME. Email begets more email. I can never check "done", it feels.

I sound like a jerk, don't I?

I have tried to implement the InboX Zero concept, but have yet to master it. Or even make a pet rock out of it. I TOTALLY buy it - hook, line & sinker... but I'm not sure it is the system that will work for me.

Lil help? I am open, and I hear this struggle from many others. In the old days we just had AN email account, now some have as many inboxes as they have fingers. I'm working on my second hand, in fact... 

*rests head in hand*


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