I'm sorry, WHAT country are we in???

I am in a state of COMPLETE shock right now.    Parents, teachers, students and people of a free nation, read this RIGHT NOW!!!  In a case near Philadelphia, a school apparently used a web cam installed on a laptop computer (that was available to students) to SPY ON HIM at home!!


WHAT?  Yeah, that's right.   The case hinges on the fact that the school district became aware of inappropriate behavior by a student after it claims to have captured that behavior via a webcam on the laptop. 


As a teacher, I am mortified that any district might come UP with this kind of spying device.   These laptops, as in many districts, are probably made available to kids who might not typically have access to one at their home.  That these might be used to spy on children and their family members is horrifying and shocking.


As a mother, I am mortified that anyone could possibly witness the screaming, fighting, laughing, normal every day behavior that occurs daily in every American household. And where is YOUR laptop?   In your dining room?  On your couch?  In your bedroom???  I am getting chills right now thinking about it.    


Do we have rights?   In the privacy of our OWN HOMES?  



Last I check, the answer was yes.




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