Movie theatre, DVD, Cable, Dish ???

At my 68 year old mother's insistence, we all went to the movies this past holiday weekend. We went to see Twilight Saga:New Moon. In my opinion it was utterly horrible. Granma enjoyed it immensely. The men in the family were at least less than slightly amused. I was not even the least bit entertained save for the one part where I wanted to lick Jacob Black's nose while he was a raging werewolf growling at that  silly vampire Edward.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to read the series. I will. I have been promised that it is incredible and I love a good book series about vampires - really, I do.

So what is this really all about? While reaching into my pocket for my AMC Entertainment card, I pulled out an old  stub and read it intently: Benjamin Button?

Seriously! The last time I ventured into a movie theatre was last holiday season! WHAT?

I LOVE going to the show! How did that happen?

Has anyone else realized they have been totally distracted from a simple night out to a movie by social networking, DVDs, cable and the like?

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