Pictures and Videos of Your Kids On-Line: Is It Safe?

My 10-year-old is dying to have a YouTube account because all of his fifth grade friends are posting videos of themselves to share. They post silly and harmless videos --- conversations with cats (girls) and Guitar Hero contests (boys). Still, I don't think I want my son's image "out there" like that! It's bad enough that his mother blogs his business online!! I fear that at the elementary and middle school levels kids may not have the judgment necessary to exercise discretion.

And what about safety? The idea that your child can have a profile to go along with photos and videos of themselves seems like an invitation to predators. Lots of experts warn about allowing your child to be accessible in this way. The FBI even has a dedicated site on the subject . But then others, like youth and media expert, Derek Baird of, say the fear of predators is overstated. It's hard to know, as a parent.

Do you allow your kids to put their own images online? What kind of limitations and guidelines do you impose?


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