Play outside? What is THAT??

I have been trying to embrace this technological universe.  I am comfortable with my computer, I know how to text, I have played the Wii occasionally, and I know how to use Wiki spaces. (Are you impressed?)  


However, I feel there is something missing in our lives.  Perhaps it's the two feet of snow, perhaps it's cabin fever, or perhaps it's the fact that my children are getting older, but I MISS the sound of happy, playful voices in the yard. 


Am I old?  


I remember when all we did when we were young was done OUTSIDE.  Remember that?? 


I love the spring and summer when I can say "Get outside" and now worry about anyone getting frostbite or tracking snow through the house.    More importantly, I love the fact that during those seasons my children appear healthier.  Why?  Cause I threaten them with the very technology that they crave if they don't GET OUTSIDE. 


I am making a pledge here and now.   I pledge that when the weather begins to cooperate, I will start sending these teenage masses out to the basketball hoop, the trampoline, the huge field in the backyard and the bike path that goes through OUR YARD.   


And if they argue or whine or try to "make a deal", then my words will be...


"Hello, Sprint?  Yes, please turn the phones off." 



How about you?   Are you missing the days when you can hear the giggles and laughs of children playing in the yard?    


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