Is technology turning our brains to mush?

Recently a new cell phone arrived at my doorstep for me to test.  I was so excited that the first thing I wanted to do was call someone.  Who would be excited for me? My husband, of course.  I grabbed that phone and started to press the numbers, when I realized that I could not for the life of me remember his work number.  "I'll call his cell phone," I thought.  But, I couldn't remember that either!  I never have to think about them, because they are programmed into my contacts on my regular cell phone.

As I thought about this, I realized that I could remember the telephone number we had when I was growing up (which was a very long time ago, indeed).  It was BUtler 9-3687.  I could remember my grandmother's telephone number from the 1950s!  It was WHitehall 1-5716.  I could even remember my ex-husband's social security number!  It was ... well, I probably shouldn't tell you, eh?  Now, I fully realize that as we age our short term memory goes, and we retain our long term memory.  But, I don't think my main problem is aging --- I think it's laziness.  Because I don't have to remember the numbers, I don't bother to burn them into my brain.

Therefore, I can remember those numbers that are no longer meaningful, but I can't remember the phone numbers I use every stinkin' day.  I've got the same trouble with the passwords for about fifty different on-line accounts:  they are saved in my computer and I can never remember them.  Do I have them scribbled in a notebook somewhere?  Duh.  No.  I'm foolishly trusting my technology.

While it is convenient to let the technology do the memorizing, it is suddenly clear to me that it's not a smart idea.  At least it isn't for me.  What am I going to do if I ever have a real emergency and need those numbers?

What about you?  If you lost your cell phone today, and had to use a pay phone to call someone ... do you know the numbers by heart?

Or, if (God forbid) your computer crashed ... would you have to re-build all your accounts with new passwords or do you know them all?

Do y'all think we rely on this technology too much?  I think my brain has turned to mush.  Excuse me.  I'm gonna go memorize some telephone numbers now.

Shelly Kneupper Tucker

writes at This Eclectic Life


Twitter handle: @shellyktucker


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