Texting vs. Talking: What's the Difference for Younger Kids?

My ten-year old is so desperate for a cell phone and so relentless about how much he "needs" it, that I almost relented and gave him one.(Almost!!) My plan was to get a phone and only allow him to text. See, I think texting is preferable to talking. I would rather have him text because it takes more time, which means he will be less motivated to make serial calls to friends or even me!! And it would keep the phone away from his head, which, I'm sorry, I am still a bit concerned about.

But then I was reading a Twitter exchange between moms about youngsters and cell phones where these moms preferred to allow the phone, but prohibit texting. So I am dying to know. Why the preference for talking over texting for younger kids?

If your kids (younger than 12) have cell phones, is talking better than texting? Why?

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