These are the voyages ...

Visiting with my senior parents was quite a cute scenario when we went to settle in and watch television.

My parents only have cable access in one room. While Granpa watched The Chicago Bulls beat the New Orleans Hornets, we went into the other room and began to channel surf without cable access.

I begged for Granma and kiddo to stop at the MeTv Channel. Being a former trekkie, I was TOO psyched to catch an episode of the Original Star Trek Television series! Please keep in mind, I have not seen any Star Trek since "Star Trek The Next Generation" was airing!

What was particularly interesting was explaining to kiddo that Captain Kirk was not on a Motorola flip phone but was using a "communicator"!

Or that NO Captain Kirk and the crew were not talking to that enemy combatant through a 200 inch LCD but a "Viewscreen"!

Why did kiddo keep going "yah..but...okay...whatever"??

Do kiddos and tweens still imagine without the assistance of drama class?

How do you all handle our past that has now come to fruition?

Do you have fun with what we used to dream about or do you feel old and antiquated?











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