Travel Prep

My son is a veteran at travel. He has been flying with me since before he was born and somehow our travel schedule has continued to be hectic during the (almost) three years of his life. He is great when we fly and on our recent 4 hour road trip he was wonderful too. I attribute this to his easy going personality but I also have also been prepared with activities for him to do when we travel.

When he was younger books and stuffed animals kept his attention until he drifted off to sleep on our flights. Now that he is older he still enjoys books but I've added some things to the arsenal. We use the tag jr. leapfrog learning system - it reads out loud to him and can keep him busy for at least 15 minutes. I also load up my iPhone with his favorite shows and podcasts - this can keep his attention for hours (or until he falls asleep).  Soon, I will add DVDs to the arsenal so that he can watch a movie in flight. 

Having all of these things at my disposal keeps my son happy, ensures that we don't disturb other travelers and makes our trips pleasant experiences. What to you do to prepare for travel with your young one(s)?


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