Don't Cry Over Spilt Wine

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The WineFlirt

Saturday, August 1st 2009

Wine: Les Bonnes Bouches Sancerre 2008

Wine Store: Treats Wine and Cheese Shop, Wiscasset, Maine

Drank: Family dinner in Boothbay Harbor, Maine on the porch


Really? This is my life? Really? If you would have asked me what my life would have looked like at 43 when I was 22, I probably would have given you the conventional scenario-husband, kids, dog. Well, my life has been far from conventional (more on that later). Nonetheless, I never would have guessed that I would be single, never.

In the last nine months since my last relationship, I have been on dates with 20 different guys and nada. What can I say, I am the one-date wonder. Finally, #21 sparked my interest. Nice, nice-looking, MIT grad (have a penchant for smart guys) divorced with a 7-year old girl, and way into cooking. I can talk forever about food. It was fun, finally fun! We sat at the bar at Employees Only in the West Village, had a fantastic Pinot Noir from Chile (Tobiano $22 retail) and shared dinner. Despite spilling my wine three times (note to self: must eat a sandwich before a first date as not to get too tipsy too early), he asked me out again. 21, a lucky number? There was a mid-week invite to a cooking class at a French restaurant which I couldn’t make-bummer. So today was supposed to be our second date. His email address popped up on my computer at the beginning of the week, and I opened it with anticipation, expecting to have details about our next date. Not to be. #21 had started a relationship with another woman he met along the way. He wrote me a seemingly sincere and flattering note. My hopeful heart sank once again.

I drove up to Maine instead to visit the family in stop and go traffic from NYC giving me plenty of time to feel sorry for myself. I guessed that the wine selection would be limited at the house, so I stopped in Treats in Wiscasset on the way. I perused the selection, a handful of bottles from each country, and chose a Sancerre. I was in a Sauvignon Blanc kind of mood. I had decided that I wanted to spend about $30 on a bottle and picked out the one closest to my budget-Les Bonnes Bouches from 2008 for $32.30. I confirmed my pick with the owner who assured me it was a winner. She was one of those earthy types who didn’t where a stitch of makeup but looked pretty anyway (jealous). I went on my way to Boothbay in time for dinner with my family.

We always eat out with my parents as my mother has not cooked in about 25 years. However, my folks hired kind of a “house guy,” so there were actually food smells wafting through the house when I got there. Dinner was simple but good-bbq chicken, salad, carrots with a brown sugar glaze (Jack, the house guy’s specialty) and an awesome, certainly a prize contender, blueberry pie. The wine was a hit. Nice and crisp, a bit tart like grapefruit. I happily drank my wine as the usual family chatter surrounded me. I thought about the latest project I had created for myself-writing a blog (everyone says you need one) about wine and the elusive search for the love of my life (or something close to it). So, here we begin....


-The WineFlirt

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