Crazy excited about great food!

Hey fellow foodies!  I'm new to the group and I'm excited to be here!

I absolutely LOVE cooking and trying new recipes.  I also love going to great restaurants and trying new dishes.  I literally get over-the-top excited!  LOL  My hubby thinks I'm a little nuts!  :) 

This past summer I made a cheesecake for the first time and my hubby took it to share at work.  It got RAVE REVIEWS!  My top didn't crack, it wasn't too sweet, it had a perfectly smooth texture...  It was amazing!  And I've made it since then and it turns out flawless every time.  I just can't make it too often because I'll eat wayyy too much of it!  LOL

Looking forward to sharing everything 'foodie' with you ladies!!

Everyone have a happy Friday!



Ann Marek Larson

WAHM in Texas with 4 kiddos

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