Drop That Poptart!

So there are two Juice Videos this week about healthy breakfasts, with tons of great suggestions.  Make sure to check them out, here and here.  But I noticed a theme running through them both:  first thing in the morning, most people do not want to put on an apron and make like Betty Crocker.

Instead, folks are rushed.  They just want to grab something easy, scarf it down, and run out the door! The issue of limited times leads many to opt for junky ready-to-eat processed garbage, or skip breakfast entirely, both of which--and you know this, right?--are lame choices.

What's a better alternative? How about:  kidnap a professional chef and hold him hostage in your kitchen and force him to make you breakfast spend a little time once a week when you’re not so busy and make a big batch of something healthy.  Oatmeal was a suggestion in one of the videos, or you could make an eggy cheesey casserole with vegetables in it.  A favorite make-ahead at our house?  Whole grain muffins.

Why are we such muffin fans?  Well, they’re to be honest, they kinda look like cupcakes.  They taste like a treat, but depending on how you make them they can actually be pretty darn healthy.  We use winter wheat, also called “white” whole wheat, but it’s really a whole grain, it just tastes lighter and whiter than regular whole wheat.  But there are tons of other great whole grains you can use; we need to get a bit more adventurous about that ourselves.

If I have a morning muffin, I feel compelled to have a glass of nonfat milk with it, and usually a piece of fruit.  But muffins are versatile and gregarious, and will hang out happily with most any other breakfast items you’re fond of.  Yogurt?  Hard boiled eggs? Cheese? Juice? Muffins are great pals with all of 'em.  (Well, they don't get along very well with donuts. In fact your wholesome but homely bran muffin is a bit sensitive, and may burst into tears if it sees you being seduced by a big sexy fluffy Krispy Kreme.  So if you're going to take that particular low road, best sneak out of the house and spare your poor muffin's feelings).


Want Some Whole Grain Muffin Recipes?  And recipes, and recipes and more recipes?

Apparently I’m not the only one fond of whole grain muffins in blogland.  At Kalyn’s Kitchen,  there's a tempting recipe for whole wheat zucchini muffins with pecans.  They’re an adaptation of Elise’s muffins over at Simply Recipes.   (Note, be sure to watch Elise give some other great breakfast tips on the video here.)

And check out these eggless whole wheat blueberry muffins over at Parita’s World! Plus,  Rookie Cookie has another great whole grain muffin recipe which also calls for berries—blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, or any kind of berry you want.

Over at Pinch My Salt, you can find out how to make whole wheat orange spice muffins, or whole wheat pumpkin muffins with cranberries and walnuts.  Yumm!

Also, Farm Girl Fare has some great bran muffin recipes, including this one for whole grain ginger pear bran muffins.

Do you take time time make an elaborate breakfast, or do you usually just grab something quick?  Healthy, or Evil? Any favorite tips?


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