Give More… to Fight Cancer

During this week’s theme of “give more, get more,” I couldn’t help noticing that lots of blogher bloggers are all about helping others and supporting deserving charities and causes.  As it happens, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month--even President Obama  says so).  But it’s not just breast cancer that needs to be eradicated.  It’s all cancer.

And one of the first steps in the fight is awareness!  Check out POD over at Thuffering Thuccotash,  who writes unsentimentally (yet poignantly, and sometimes even hilariously), about her own cancer survival. Today she’s hosting a Livestrong event to raise cancer awareness. There’s a giveaway involved, but mostly it’s about unity and encouraging bloggers to share their cancer experiences. Have any experiences you want to share?  You could join with other bloggers and maybe even win a prize.

(Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment is participating, with touching memories of her grandfather and others she's lost to cancer.  So is Reb at Sibu Pegasus Power.  Even the normally snarky Cranky Fitness  is doing something on cancer too today.)

Also, go visit MckMama  who is working on project through October to collect hats for pediatric cancer patients.  There are pictures of sweet kids there to break your heart.  When MckMama discovered that many kids with cancer who have lost their hair do not have hats to cover their heads going into the winter months, she was inspired to do something about it.  Whether you’re crafty and can make one, or you're and klutzy want to purchase one for a needy kid, go to her site for more information on how you can help.

Finally, a reminder that cancer affects caregivers as well.  Over at Feministe,
Aimee shares a wrenching story of the way the battle against cancer can consume the lives of loved ones as well as the person who has the disease.  If you are a cancer caregiver, the American Cancer Society  had some helpful advice for coping. 

Has cancer affected you or anyone you know?

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