Laugh yourself silly

I LOVED this week's Juice video about healing with humor.  It is chock full of tips to help you bring out the laughter in your day.  Jory interviews Terri Tate, an inspirational woman who beat many odds in her life and dealt with them head on with humor.  Some of Terri's tips include surrounding yourself with humor by hanging out with funny people, acting more like a kid and changing your perspective on things.

I absolutely love to laugh and look for opportunities to work my laugh muscle everywhere I go, in every situation I'm in.  It's definitely therapeutic.  However even more thrilling for me than making myself laugh is making others laugh.   What an amazing feeling it is to put a smile on someone's face, to watch the corners of their mouth slowly turn up, to hear that first giggle bubble out followed by another and another.  Talk about fun and addicting to witness!

Now I'm no joke teller and never have been, all because I can never remember that darn punch line.  But I do have a sure fire way to make people laugh nonetheless and it's almost fool proof.  How do I do it?  Well it starts by not being afraid to look silly and make fun of myself over and over again.  It works everytime!  I love being the goof that will do anything for a laugh.  If it's falling down stairs or dancing silly by myself on the dance floor (oh yes I have!) it's all worth it to me when I hear the sound of laughter coming from a friend.  It just never gets old to me. 

If I think it will get a laugh I do it, even if people think I'm crazy!

What's a little crazy to bring a moment of laughter to someone's day?  Life is too short to be caught up in worrying what others think of us.  Who cares!  Maybe today is the day you pick a moment where everyone is being overly serious and boring and break out into full rendition of "The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow".  I'm telling you right now that you will make someone laugh in a heartbeat doing this especially if you sing as bad as I do.  However I should warn you that you might not want to pick a moment of prayer to get the contagious giggles, especially when your pastor is praying (oh yes I have!) because for some reason not everyone sees the funny in that.  Oops.

I have a huge addiction to smiley faces.  In fact, I use to have my entire work office in a professional building decorated in every possible smiley face you can imagine.  I had stuffed smiley faces, clocks, mouse pad, bowls, cups, pens, stickers, posters, you name it, I had it.  It was my shrine to happy!  I loved it but I especially loved how happy it made everyone else that visited me there.  It was impossible not to smile at the silliness of it all and that was precisely the point.

Why isn't there a national be silly day?  There really should be, starting with today.

Now go be silly and come on back and tell me what you did.  I could use a good laugh!


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