NOW PLAYING: Build Your Core

Before this episode, I didn’t have any core competency. None. I’ve been working out in various intensities for years, and have heard that word—core—mentioned consistently. I’ve heard instructors yell out, “work that core!” and just kind of kept going, assuming, whatever, if I’m working out I’m working my core. Whatever that means.

I was set straight by Jennifer Pattee, founder of Basic Training, a fitness training “boot camp” that uses the city of San Francisco as a gym. For one thing, I learned the official definition of the “core”—what parts of the body are involved—and I learned why it’s so darned important. In essence, the core is involved with so much of our daily living that it often gets taken for granted, but if you don’t keep it strong, you will notice! Everything from picking things up from the floor to sitting up straight in your office chair is affected by your core. Fortunately you can “work it” in the simplest of ways.

I have to also give a shout-out to a blogger who contributed a wonderful tip to this episode: GoWorkoutMom.

We will also post more of Jennifer’s recommended core exercises.

Next week: Labor Day approaches! While this holiday is not always seen as a day of celebration for vegetarians or the healthier-minded, we seek to show you the way to grilling more than steaks and sausages. We’ll chat with a trained chef and food blogger who shows us grilling alternatives.


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