NOW PLAYING: Creativity on the Fly: Curing Writer’s Block

You can’t force creativity; that we know. But you can coax it into being when you need it. I used to give myself hours to write blog posts, half of it was spent thinking, not writing. I’d read books and articles and wait for ideas to occur to me. Later, the challenge with blogging while I was building a business was that the long stretches of time were no longer available. I had to make a post work in a short period of time. I went for long stretches of no blogging at all.

I’m sure that anyone who blogs after a long day of work, or after the kids go to bed, or in the midst of a hectic day, feels the same frustration. We can’t all be in our perfect world of waiting for the brilliance to come to us, and yet if we just learned to capture glimpses of it when we needed it, our blogging could go to a whole new level.

I had so much fun chatting with Jennifer Lee of Artizen Coaching. She brought me back to the basics, easy tactics that can put me in that place that I used to take hours to get to, but much more quickly. Jennifer points to a number of inspirations, including Gretchen Wegner’s Muse Cubes and Jamie Ridler’s online book club focused on Keri Smith’s book Wreck this Journal.

Next week: I pull in my partner and co-founder—and one of the most digitally connected people I know, Elisa Camahort Page, to talk about managing offline relationships in an online world.


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