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I was traveling abroad this week on business and sick of flying. On the last, 11-hour, leg of my flight home from Germany to San Francisco, I was just ready to be home. About three hours into the flight a calm voice came over the PA: “We have a sick passenger and will be making the next stop available.” I thought to myself, “Next stop? We’re flying over the Atlantic! The voice continued, “We’ll be stopping off in Iceland.”

“Stopping off” in Iceland? Are you kidding? This was the last thing I wanted to hear. I tried to imagine the how the sick passenger felt, and how relieved she must have been to know she wouldn’t have to fly another nine hours. I thought, at least we weren’t landing because of faulty equipment, or something more dangerous. We waited hours after landing while the flight crew completed the required inspections and paperwork to leave. All I could do was think of how late it would be when I got home. I was in a pissy mood. And yet, in seats behind and in front of me, people were laughing and telling jokes—basically making the most of a less-than-perfect situation. Who probably slept better that night?

I need more rejuvenating humor in my life, and Terri Tate has it in spades. A speaker, inspirational humorist, and registered nurse, Terri was handed what could have been a death sentence a few years ago when she was told she had a terminal illness, and yet she fought her illness and won, she says, with humor. I loved hearing her stories and her takeaways on how to infuse more humor—and healing—into our lives.

And many thanks to Carole Fogarty at the Healthy Living Lounge for some quick and easy humor recipes.

Enjoy this one--as you might imagine, Terri is rather hilarious.


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