NOW PLAYING: Planning the Perfect Staycation

So maybe I’ll go to Argentina next year …

I’ve been hearing a lot of this lately. It’s hard to contemplate two-week trips abroad when your salary has been reduced, or if you’ve been laid off. Even if you haven’t lost a job or taken a pay cut, it just seems to make sense these days to keep the discretionary funds close, just in case.

I loved talking with Sally Kuhlman of Sally Around the Bay about Staycations. She was like this beacon of light that reminded me that there’s so much we can do at home! It’s all about how you perceive the notion of getting away. By leaving our everyday environment, vacations allow us to recharge mentally. But we can replicate that feeling of recharging at home too. All it takes is a willingness to truly disengage from the things that add to our everyday stress—email anyone? Think about it: you can bring your laptop with you on a European vacation and end up returning from your journey just as stressed out as when you left! Or you can let your mind rest right in your own backyard.

Many thanks to Whitney of Rookie Moms who shared some insights on planning staycations.

Next week: So, you are not a breakfast person? That’s because you haven’t met our expert. You CAN have easy-to-make, healthy, and--dare I say it—FUN food in the mornings. I wish I’d known about these options sooner: I might have made breakfast a much higher priority and not suffered from mid-morning flameouts.