So Long!

It’s been great fun doing forum posts at the Juice these past few months, and I learned some fascinating things!  And not just about Officially Sanctioned Juice topics like clothes-swapping and breakfast.

Hey, I know—l let’s make a quiz out of it, shall we?  See if you can spot the correct answers to Six Surprising Things I Learned Blogging at the Juice This Summer:

1. When she’s not onscreen interviewing bloggers for Juice videos, Jory des Jardins:

a.    Eats cuddly kittens for breakfast.
b.    Steals canes, wheelchairs, and walkers out from under old ladies to use for craft projects.
c.    Is just as cheerful, friendly, and pleasant as she appears in the videos.

2. I was shocked to discover on conference calls with the Blogher folks that one of their employees was:

a.    An inflatable sheep
b.    Whoopi Goldberg
c.    A dude! 

3. If you’re careful to bury them a few paragraphs into a post, you can actually get away with using the following words in a corporate-sponsored forum:

a.    Sh#t-head and douche-canoe;
b.    Asshat and mother@#$%er;
c.    Boobs, ass, and crap.

4. In the Juice videos, there is always a strategically placed beverage placed nearby for guests to sip on.  What’s in the glass?

1.    A screwdriver made with 3 generous vodka shots;
2.    Metamucil;
3.    Orange juice

5. There were some great giveaways on the Juice, but one of the most popular ever was when they decided to give away:

a.    Hugh Jackman;
b.    The entire state of Wisconsin;
c.    A compact video camcorder.

6. Some of my new favorite blogs that discovered by posting here at the Juice?

a.     Org Junkie, Cake Wrecks, and Punk Rock HR; 
b.    The Hathor Legacy, Passive Aggressive  and Postcards from Your Mama;
c.    All of the above

The correct answer to all the questions is c!

And now it's time to say: so long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye!

It’s been a lot of fun!  Thanks, Juice readers, and patient Tropicana folks, for putting up with my silliness these last few months.

Signing off,
Crabby McSlacker


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