When all else fails, start a sock

That is what I decided. I had tried to attempt a scarf with a bit of a lace pattern. It had charts and everything. (Scary!) Unfortunately I also tried to start this while I was a pub. Where I was drinking beer. After frogging it five times I just stopped. And then I didn't pick up my needles for a long time.

But my mother is coming to visit for Canadian Thanksgiving (Columbus Day for those of you south of the 49th) and she claims she doesn't know how to properly turn a heel. In fact when I told her I could her response was, "That pisses me off!" That made me laugh. (Mind you I know my mother has knit socks so I'm not convinced she doesn't know how to turn a heel...)

So I need to get it to the point where I'm ready to turn a heel when she gets here. I was doing well the first day but since then? Barely knit a stitch.

I think I work better under pressure. That's why I'm procrastinating. (That sounds good right?)

But from now on, when I don't know what to knit I'm just going to cast on a plain ole sock.


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