Why my knitting strategy involves the library

And probably not in the way you think. No, I'm not talking about knitting books (though I do love them).

When I really feel the need to get down and knitty with it I turn to the library for movies and audiobooks. I've been doing the audiobook thing for awhile but I tend to get a bit...obsessive about audio books. I want to listen to them all at once and not stop. It's the same thing as with reading but I read faster than I can listen to an audiobook so it's not as disruptive to the rest of my day. (Thank goodness my MP3 player has a bookmarking option otherwise I'd never manage to ever pause and audiobook.)

But yesterday I went on a library movie bonanza. I added movies, documentaries (which my local rental place very much does NOT stock) and best of all, miniseries to my library request list. I added even more to my "save for later" list.

I've never been one that carries around my knitting with me. I'm a sit down and knit in front of the television kind of person. (When I'm not being a knit and drink pints with Laurie K at the pub person.) I have a pair of socks that *must* get finished soon. I think this will kick me into gear, along with all the Olympic coverage soon coming our way. Hmmm maybe I could finish the socks by the end of the Olympics...

What do you do when you need to kick-start your knitting schedule?

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