For The Love of Cooking!

I can't draw, I can't paint, I can't sew, I can't craft, I can't even pick out paint colors for my home without being in agony for weeks.
What I can do though is cook. I can do it and I really like to do it.
Cooking centers me and I guess in a way is my identifier. People who know me know I like to cook. The giveaway is the fact I usually show up most everywhere with a dish or two (boy have I left behind many, many plates, platters, bowls, skewars, etc!), want to help them plan a menu for a party or talk about a recent dish I either made or had out.

Now that I am a Mom I love cooking with my two little chefs!  It  is amazing to me what they have learned as well as their confidence in the kitchen at a young age.

I have recently started a cooking blog which I am having so much fun with!!  Stop by or follow and hopefully find some recipes to enjoy!


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