Creativity...One Woman's Trash is Another Woman's Treasure


Sal and I were thinking of ways to have a creative, ‘cheap’ Christmas this year, so off we went to one of those paint-your-own-ceramics studios.  Have you ever been there??  Amazing!  The only problem is that you don’t really know exactly what the end product will look like because, after they fire the pieces in the kiln, the colors change and are much more vibrant.  This could  change your whole notion of how creative you thought you were

I tend to be creative with the left side of my brain...organization, alphabetical order, right angles.  Sal goes wild with her right statements, accessorizing and wandering off with cocktail conversations that leave people looking at each other is disbelief.  Creativity can come in many different guises.  The Ancient One’s creativity shows itself in selective memories that we know never happened, but that help her pass her waning days in a sort of ignorant bliss.  There is no arguing with her under these circumstances

I can get very creative when playing Scrabble, making up words that, when challenged, actually turn up in the dictionary, much to my surprise.  I think it’s the right angles that fill me with glee, but I’m compelled to continually straighten the little wooden cubes so they fit perfectly inside the lines.  I get twitchy when someone (usually Sal) upsets the design.  Is this strange?  Oh, come on...I KNOW that you know what I mean

I’m so excited about what today’s creative project holds for me, because we’re cleaning out the garage.  It will provide me with immediate feedback in the most constructive way.  I’ll have to pay Sally to throw away some of her precious trash like the garter belt she’s kept since high school.  She’s sure she’ll be able to use it again.  Forget that women no longer wear hosiery.  Her theory is the just-in-case phenomenon that causes hoarders to be featured on the A&E channel.  I’m prepared to write her a check in direct proportion to the number of garbage bags lined up neatly by the curb after our garage ‘ordeal’ is complete

Go out there and be creative today



Only KK would think of cleaning the garage as a creative endeavor.  Do you see what I’m up against?  When she told me we were doing a blog on creativity, I thought, oh, that’s a great topic.  Everybody has something in their life that is their creative release….writing, painting…making ceramic frogs.  I’m sure there are other people in the world who think of packing boxes and throwing away old containers of GooGone as an artistic outlet, but to me, that’s the equivalent of mowing the lawn or emptying the kitty litter box

I hope I haven’t pissed off any people who think of mowing the lawn as a work of art.  And, I’m sure emptying the kitty litter box could be creatively fulfilling if you choose to make it so.  You could make it a Zen litter box and get a little rake and score out concentric circles around the dookies with it.  That would be pretty original, but I don’t know that the cats would appreciate the imaginative presentation in what would otherwise be considered their only private place

A gardener might make designs in the grass with the lawn mower and think of that as an artistic presentation to the world.  But when KK said ‘a blog on creativity,’ my mind went to visions of everything from making a potato-head to doing a painting of Oprah on black velvet for the dining room

As I often say to KK, “Creativity is a well of imagination.  It is bottomless and always full.  One has only to reach into it at any given moment and pull out a piece of inspiration.”  This goes for raising children (a true art form), to cooking, or to designing a dress for your drag queen cousin.  The forms of expression in humans are limitless

I am very creative when it comes to writing, acting, and making sure that everything I touch becomes a little askew.  This gives KK a reason for living and a bottomless well of missions to be accomplished

What would she do without me



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