fighting the war on terror with a mop and a broom

i start work tonight on my new shift 2200 to 0600, i dont think ive ever had to stay up during those hours and it will be spent sitting in a geedunk or "snack shop" for the small hand full of people who also have to work at those hours. Ill serve them coffee and small snacks if anyone come to get them at all. Im on "hold" in the military waiting for a new job and also for my husband to come to san diego in april. He's been on the USS Carl Vinson in Norfolk, VA and now floating off the coast of Haiti to help with the relief of the earthquake. Lets see he works about 16 to 18 hours a day mopping and sweeping oh and the other day he sanded a door with lead base paint on it with no mask and then when he was finished sanding the door he painted that door. He did a medical screening to be able to get off the ship and actually help the people of Haiti but no word yet if he can actually do that. Now he sits in his shop all day and most of the night long doing the work of a janitor. His shop smells like a landfill because the people who come and get the trash only want to work between the hours of 1700 and 1800. To say the least hes miserable and so am I.

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