Thanksgiving Tips

Hey Moms in the Middle!

The Holidays are almost here! My mother-in-law, her new husband and my sister-in-law and her family coming for Thanksgiving. Yikes. It's next week. So far my plan is to take the Wednesday before off to shop and prepare. The kids will be off from school too. And I'm starting to think about getting ready. And I think I'm starting to panic.

So what are some things I could do in advance this weekend (besides clean the house like a demon dog) to make the holidays run more smoothly. No, drinking is not an option.

What are your tips for finding balance on a good old American holiday dedicated to overworking our butts off?

On a side note, I also learned that a new masseuse in our town has openings on Wednesday before the big T-day. I'm thinking about sneaking away for a little massage to help me cope. I've never treated myself. But I'm thinking about it and I think that's a good first step. Would you slip away for a little R&R? The thought of it is the thing I am looking forward to most.