Always Get a Receipt When Paying Cash

You would think telling someone to get a receipt when paying with cash, in this day and age is like saying, "Can I borrow some cassettes for the party" The fact is, people are still trusting Joe Blow. I too fall into that category of complete out-of-my-mindness. Recently I paid a major expense with cash, and no I did not get a receipt. Days later as I was about to pony up even more cash, it hit me like a tsumani! Fortunately for me, the payee did sign the recepit I provided, with the cash amounts and dates paid. In another time or circumstance he/she could have easily said, I had given them nothing! Last week, a man I met was not so fortunate. He trusted an apartment manager;gave them cash, got no receipt. Eight hours later he was still waiting in front of the building, for the manager to return with the key. At one point the police were called and they were of no assistance. Todate that man is not in the place for which he paid.

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