How Do You Teach Kids about Stranger Danger?

How do you explain to your kids that a person who looks "normal" is a stranger if they don't know them? How do you make the point that anyone you don't know is a stranger?

Do you make a distinction to your child between strangers who might approach when you are there—perhaps in a grocery store or at the playground—and strangers who approach when they are alone or with another child?

How about appearance? Do you teach your child that any stranger can be dangerous until declared safe? Or would you teach your child that a man in a stocking cap or baggy pants is more dangerous than a man in a suit and tie? What do you teach your child about strangers who are women?

What about online strangers? Does your child know that anyone they "meet" at an online site can be a potential predator no matter what they seem to be?

Please, share how you handle this important part of your child's education.

Virginia DeBolt
BlogHer Technology Contributing Editor


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