Social Skills Group in MA

Hi Everyone:

I am determined to start a social skills group in my area...  I have a (just turned) 15 year old son, Nick, who has high functioning autism. I would like to find other moms who have a son/daughter (hey, we're not sexist!!) around the same age group (11 +) who also has high functioning autism or asperger's...

I live in Plymouth, MA, grew up in Norwell, MA and know the south shore of Massachusetts extremely well....

My hope is that we could have a schedule of activities to do with our kids (bowling, boat trips, movies..) on a monthly basis... Maybe even treat ourselves to a dinner night out once in a while!!

Let me know what you think... I also blog over at if you want to know more about me... You can also send me a personal email at

I look forward to hearing from you Southeastern Massachusetts Moms!!




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