Come to Woolf Camp in Santa Cruz! Catch up on your projects! Great co-working vibe!

So, we've had this Woolf Camp thing going for a few years and we're going to have another!

Here you go, a post I wrote straight from our wiki


Here's the deal - I miss working in a group setting. I work by myself and I need more humans to vibe-up my productivity. You may feel this way, too.

So, I propose we have a WoolfCamp Catch-up-on-Stuff Camp. Folks get here to spend the night on Friday, wake up on Saturday and get to work on whatever = programming, coding, blogging, crafts for the holidays, cooking for the month (Can be done! Very cool concept! Requires planning on your part.), painting, sketching, planning the next move towards peaceful world domination, etc.

If someone wants to teach and there are willing students, feel free, have a class. We can also help each other with geek issues as needed. But, no set schedule of sessions.

The house can be sectioned off into:

  • The living room serve as the common room. Talking okay.
  • Kitchen available for cooking, baking, crafting.
  • Craft room downstairs with access to sewing machine and basic crafting tools and workspace.
  • Printer available.
  • Upstairs room converted to quiet, cushy area. Library silence, please.
  • Outdoors for conferencing, weather permitting. Several tables and chairs can be rented.

Feel free to bring your own tools, cookware, art and craft materials.

A community dinner for both nights would be nifty.

Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14, 2009. Interested? Sign up and kindly add your name and email to the wiki or email me directly at 40 people max.


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