the real " secret life of the american teenager" or is the media glamorizing teen pregnancy?

lately everywhere i flick a channel there is a show about teen pregnancy and the thing to me that is pretty disturbing is that they all say this is the "real" take on teen pregnancy. yet when i watch these shows i cringe because i know firsthand they are full of shit! yes that is right the media touts these shows to get a specific audience and  the majority of that audience to me would be teen and tween girls. so i watched some episodes of the highly rated secret life of an american teenager, and i find the characters not even likable and i find the actors' overacting boring! my teen queen when i was younger Molly Ringwald is what first drew me to the show and the fact that Sarah Palins daughter had just announced her teen pregnancy. Ringwald was on good morning america, talking about this ground breaking show. and my 16 year old was also pregnant and due.  i am to say the least disappointed with the show. then i find 16 and pregnant on mtv and i find this show following these girls who are pregnant around and showing the drama of their real life. yeah ughhh why dont you show the birth and teen moms who have to have blood transfusions because they develop hellp syndrome, a syndrome that is one of the only things that moms can still die from. that is what happened to my daughter  Destinee when my grandson Devyn  was born. why don't they show the dad to be acting like he doesn't even know his babies mama. or better yet why don't they show the girl who tries to go back to highschool but can't keep up with the work because she cannot get funding for childcare. yeah show that ok,  i love my grandson immensely and i cannot imagine life without him, but i feel that my daughter will have a very hard life, probably harder than the one she lived with me. she is currently living with my sister and hopefully she can get her life together.

that is real life mama drama, not these poorly acted trying to make a statement on society t.v. shows. let's stop glamorizing teen pregnancy and start making it ok for a teen/tween girl to actually love herself, the one character that i had hope for, the virgin on secret life ends up having sex in the season finale and blames herself for her fathers death or rather equates that because she had sex her dad died? yah real healthy right? where are you at on this issue? reality check teens will have sex and have babies but do we have to just accept it as a norm in our society? self esteem and good values should be the "norm". voice your thoughts..........