What do you want the world to know about modern single women?

I get frustrated that we're not equally represented in the world. There are many Mommy sites, but are there many Single Mommy sites? Are there many sites for Single Women that AREN'T dating sites? I'm not a hardcore feminist, but is it wrong to want more representations of us out there in the world?

I'd like the world to know that we are strong, independent, choosey people. Just because we aren't married or even dating doesn't mean we aren't propositioned. Is it wrong to wait for the right partner? I think not. hehe. My very best friend in the world thinks I'm too picky when it comes to finding a mate and suggests often that I need to date a "nerd" who is smarter than me. She even suggested I was superficial the other day when I said I wasn't attracted to the smart, "nerdy" guy who has recently taken a liking to me. I reminded her that every guy I've dated has looked different, lived in a different environment, etc than the other. I am simply attracted to a person or not. It's not something I can help.

Does anyone else feel this way?

Is it horrible that I am currently content with working a professional job, keeping a roof over my head, and being roommates with my 2 cocker spaniels?

Wow. I wrote a long post. Sorry!

What do YOU want people to know about single people and specifically YOU? I want to know!


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