Where were YOU on 9/11?

i was on my way to work & listening to Howard Stern when he reported that he saw the 1st plane hit the first tower. He stayed on the air all morning & most of the afternoon.

Every year, I like to repost what I wrote on that horrible day in time. Not everything I wrote was accurate, but at the time, the real truth was anybody's guess. My heart continues to go out to all of those who lost their lives, the families and friends they left behind, and our service men and women who had the job of saving the wounded and cleaning up the debris.

"this is history in the making. webloggers all over the world are recording their take on this tragedy. it will be an interesting way to record history, as horrific as this day in history is.

3 airline planes are hijacked. the same day, 2 kamikazi planes crash into the world trade center in new york city, 18 minutes apart. both towers collapse. bodies are falling from windows, cut in half, shredded. another plane, down in pittsburgh. another by camp david. all airlines are closed. all government buildings are being evacuated. multiple us planes are missing. several unidentified aircrafts are flying all around the us. people were seen just jumping out of the world trade center, trying to escape the flames.

it was just another tuesday. a typical tuesday morning in america. i was listening to howard stern, when he announced that he could see flames coming from the world trade center. a ton of my friends live in the city!!

there is barely anyone outside driving around in ohio where i live. no one is on the road. i want to go home from work. they just closed down a local school system.

our generation has never had to face the prospect of war. desert storm was fought overseas. this is in our own backyard. thousands of people are dead. can you imagine what the people on the hijacked planes were thinking?? first, they are being hijacked by terrorists--then you know that your fate is to crash into a building to kill thousands of people. what a way to die!!

the last time any issue of american turmoil affected me, was in third grade when the shuttle challenger exploded. i remember being shuffled by my teacher down to the library to watch the explosion on tape. i was sitting there, wide-eyed wondering what was happening.

and now this. i don't know what to make of it. all these innocent people are dead. rumors are that it was iraq.

what is your take on all of this??"

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