The Amazing Race

Anyone watch CBS's The Amazing Race? I absolutely love this show! I've watched ever since the beginning. I can't get into Survivor - they just sit around plotting until the next challenge. On TAR at least the contestants go places for their challenges and getting there can be half the battle.

Now, admittedly, Hubby & I work in the travel industry so we have fun guessing which routes & airlines will get the teams to the next destination. Plus watching people who have never been outside the US try to figure how to get around a strange city makes me giggle. I like that some of the challenges involve using your brains, not just brawn.

Honestly though, if you are going to try to win $1 million dollars in a race around the world, you would think you or your team mate would learn how to read a map and drive a standard transmission!

This season started in LAX and the 11 teams headed to Chile. You can read about the different teams & their relationships on the CBS website.  Hopefully someone else can chime in and we can recap this weeks episode while gearing up for next Sunday's.



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