redefining the word "wife"


The word "friend" has been so tainted by frenemies, rotating BFF's and being able to defriend with a click of a mouse that we now need a new term for our closest friends and allies: wives. Christine Bronstein and Christina Friedman have created a website for women that provides social networking, discussions about relevant topics and information about women's issues in the news. Please check it out at and pass the word.


5 reasons for joining this site: 


  1. Studies show girlfriends make you live longer. One study found that among women with breast cancer, those withoutclose friends were almost twice as likely to die from the disease than those with more social ties. 
  2.  It’s in our DNA. A landmark UCLA study found that women’s natural response to stress is to bond with each other. Having time with friends reduces stress and its harmful effects. 
  3.  Who knew that going out for a cocktail and girl talk can have the same benefits for your heart as a bowl of All-Bran? Studies have consistently shown that close female ties reduce blood pressure and lower your risk of heart disease
  4. It’s hardly news that smoking and carrying those extra pounds are detrimental to our health, but would you believe that not having close friends would be as bad if not worse for your health? The Nurses Health Study from Harvard Medical School found that not having wives is actually every bit as risky as cigarettes or being obese. 
  5. This same study found that women with close female ties recover from the loss of a spouse without added physical ailments. Girlfriends help us live better and longer and they are also a buffer against life’s most severe blows. 



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