Growing up

For C

Remember the way we used to walk to school together? Our large maroon jumpers that smelt like wet dog after a soaking, our heavy bags that most certainly did damage to our backs and our long tartan skirts. Remember I’d text you at a certain point so that you knew to be ready and meet me outside your house? You were never ready. I was never mad. Remember how we always used to get separated in class because we wouldn’t shut up? Remember how we used to kiss boys in the alley way across from school? Where are those boys now? Now you’re away, living in a different country. Home is far removed for you, a different place. You made your own home and a new circle of friends.You got out. We’ll always remain inseparable though. School days are our past but our future is parallel. We’ll always be magic together.

For J

Remember the way you used to wear your hair in pigtails? The way you were shy? Remember how I used to stand up for you? Remember the boys we went out with, how one of them is your upcoming husband? Remember those bitchy girls, how they used to love torturing us? You and I, well, we’re different. Our lives won’t be parallel. You are intent on domestic bliss while I still have some roads left to wander. You don’t understand me and I don’t understand you. I’ll watch you get happily married in a few weeks time, I’ll stand by your side and watch you take your vows and something will change. That’s ok though. It happens. We’ll fade out but we’ll be happy on our on paths.

For B

Well old friend and lover, we don’t talk anymore. Remember how we spent 4 years of our lives together? How we thought we would always be together and get married? Remember how we tore each other to shreds but loved each other so passionately? Remember how you scared me? Remember when it faded, when depression took hold? Remember how young we were? We were kids. Now, look at you. You’re a father to a beautiful baby girl. Something you always wanted, to right the wrongs of your past. We probably will never talk properly again or be alone. That’s ok though. Our time has come and gone and it was beautiful in its pure moments and poison in its darkest. 

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